Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lefty Oil Service

Well I finally found the time to service the Lefty.

What I managed to do was:
  • Replace as the air cylinder seals
  • Replace the oil damper seals
  • Change the oil in the damper
  • Replace the lower boot
  • Replace the air filter and upper boot
  • Swap the existing spring (green) to a stronger spring (red)
  • Replace the Air Cylinder Saddle
I did all the work with the Lefty off the bike, for the bike was a bit of a mess for a while, since I used the bike stand to hold the Lefty.

Unfortunately I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked, but that because my hands got progressively greasier, so it was a pain to keep cleaning my hands just to take a photo. Anyway, I had no idea what negative spring was installed on the front, which turned out to be green (soft). I planned to change that to a red (hard).

I removed the old lower boot and replaced it with a newer tapered style boot, so now there'll be no danger of the front 183mm rotor shredding the boot.

Next I removed the existing spring using the shaft clamp to prevent damage to the damper shaft.

Once I drained the damper things started to get messy, so the photos are lacking, but everything went fairly smoothly. Although I wasnt able to replace the inner seals on the damper top cap since I couldn't figure out the way to remove it. Also since the Lockout and rebound was working well I didn't want to mess with the mechanism.

Anyway, here's the end result with the Lefty back on the bike and the new boots in place.

Without the proper tools it would have been impossible. Although now having opened the Lefty up I actually like it even more.

I'll take it for a ride in the morning to see how it all feels.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Head badge

I've been off work a few days over the past week with a nasty cold. Although I'm glad it was this month rather than next month, as I'll be heading off to New Zealand for a 6 week vacation.

Anyway, I havent managed to do the work in the Lefty yet, but I started off with the easy part and replaced the black head tube decal with a modern metal one. It needed a bit of adjustment since the older headtubes don't taper in like the modern ones.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lefty service parts

Well now I have everything to perform the service on the Lefty, after getting a delivery from Germany today.

Including some bits of Cannondale "flare", lanyard and bottle opener.

Prolong patch kits for the Lefty Multitool.

A Headshok Bullet for the rebuild and bearing reset tool.

4 packs of seals.

A new rebound adjuster dial and some spare cable guides.

A new Cannondale "C" logo for the headtube, which will probably need a little work to suit the KillerV headtube.

The Lefty Castle tool and shaft clamp.

And the negative spring kit, since I want to upgrade the Lefty with a harder spring.

Now all that's left is to perform the service which I'll start at the weekend. Should be interesting to document the procedure based on all the information I've gathered over the past few weeks. The only question mark I had was regarding the bullet, and thankfully as luck would have it a diagram was included with the tool.