Thursday, May 26, 2011

A back in the day (bitd) shot

Bits and bobs

The parts have now started to arrive. So far everything has been brilliant and only needed relatively minor restoration with exception of the pedals and the rims.

The rims are much worse than expected and with a little experimentation last night they should come out ok, but will definately take longer than expected. But probably easier work when compared to the pedals.

Some of the bits:

One thing of interest, are the decals. The ones on the frame are from Ultrahive (US), and the ones on the bars are by Del-Cals (UK), and on comparision the Del-Cals are much more superior. Primarily because they are primed in white, so it won't matter what colour of frame they go on, they'll still pop. Which is good, because the frame and forks will be re-powdered in GT green (Colour Code: RAL 6018).

The Redline 401 are just a work of art in themselves:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dia Compe Nippon (883)

The Dia Compe Nippon brakes were is pretty good condition when then arrived, but needed a bit of a polish and I also prefer them with the indentation coloured black.



Better shot:

Close up:

I'll be changing the centre bolt to the heavy duty hex bolt type.

Redline 401 cranks

1985 GT Pro Performer build

I've pretty much sourced all the components for the GT Pro Performer build, although most of them are still in transport at the moment.

A few things have already arrived at least. Such as the Nippons, the Redline 401 cranks and the GT Pro Performer bars. I added the decals on the cranks and bars today and it was almost goose bump material when I held the bars again after 20 years. Felt good :-)