Thursday, April 28, 2011

1985 GT Pro World Tour

I managed to get a 1985 GT Pro Performer. Although currently sticker as a GT Pro World Tour.

The important part for me is that its got 4 hole drop outs, 4130 Stamped and USA made :)

Bars and seat post aren't included unfortunately.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some weekend snaps

Finally got out again now the snow has melted.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


  • 1985 GT Pro Performer frame and forks SORTED
  • 1985 GT Performer Bars SORTED
  • Dia compe Nippon brakes SORTED
  • Dia compe Tech 7 levers SORTED
  • GT seat post SORTED
  • GT Epoch Freestyle headset SORTED
  • Haro Group 1 Stem  GT Mallet Stem SORTED
  • Ame grips Green SORTED
  • Shimano DX pedals SORTED
  • Araya Aero Rims Silver SORTED or White Skyway Tuff II 
  • Green GT tyres SORTED
  • Crank Sugino 1 piece Redline 401 3 piece SORTED
  • White Odyessey Giro SORTED
  • GT fork stander SORTED
I know some of those parts fetch a premium but I'm willing to pay a fair price for them. If you have any of the above, used or NOS, I'd really appreciate contact here: killer.v800(a)

The main reason I ended up going for a Pro Performer back in '85 was due to this guy, (photo taken by me) Eddie Fiola:

Been a while... Next 1985 GT Pro Performer

Winter is finally over here so time to spring clean the bike for the first run of the season.

Over the winter I've been increasingly distracted about my hunt for a 1985 GT Pro Performer to restore. Mu intentions to do it like I had it back in the day. Unfortunately my original one got "lost" after my parents moved house, and looking at the prices of original parts that I had is just crazy... but quite probably I am. eBay seems to be the easiest place to source the frame and forks. What it to be 4 hole drop out and serial stamped on the drop out (which I suspect is the US made frame). Not bothered about what colour, but it will end up green...

And now a BITD shot: