Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A'me bubble font rainbow... well nearly

My A'me bubble font collection is growing steadily. Another set of orange grips on the way now...

So far:
1 x bubble gum pink Tri
2 x neon pink Tri (1 set sealed bag)
2 x red Tri
1 x orange Tri (and another set on the way)
1 x yellow Tri (boxed)
1 x neon yellow Tri (sealed bag)
5 x green Tri (1 set sealed bag)
1 x teal Round (boxed)
2 x blue Tri
1 x white Round
4 x white Tri (2 sets sealed bag)
1 x grey Tri
1 x black Tri (sealed bag)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Sale: Superlace Hub

GT Superlace Front hub - Loose balled sealed mechanism (loose bearing behind a rubber cover)

 Minor bubble 2-3mm across - highlighted

Ping head bubbles, approx 4 of them (highlighted) 1mm across:

Small Ding on the inside of the hub:  5-6mm long 1-2mm wide

What looks to possible a minor ding. Very faint