Thursday, November 15, 2012

30th Anniversary Haro Freestyler #272

"30 Years of Freestyle"

Just paid for my 30th Anniversary Haro Freestyler. So at least one of the 300 made  (#272/300)  is on it's way to Sweden. I heard there's a couple of more guys here that had there name down for one, but havent heard if they completed yet. (There's a 48 hour window to go for it)

It's going to make a rather cool Xmas present to myself and with the arrival of my first child in January I imagine the BMX related spending will quite quickly be put on hold for the next 18-20 years :)

I imagine most of these will never be built up, let alone ridden in anger... still unsure what to do with #272.

More info here at Haro