Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 became 2... bummer

Just noticed when stripping down the Araya Aeros that one of the them actually did have an annoying flat spot...

At least there's still 2 good ones for powdering :-)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dia Compe Tech 7s

Striped all the white paint off the Tech 7s down today and removed the rash marks on the levers. Starting to look good.

Pump up the tyre...

Still undecided on which tyres to go with...



Right now, I'm leaning towards the GT, especially once the rims are white.

Araya Aeros

The first set of Araya Aero I picked up, was to be honest, were in somewhat worse of a condition than described.

I guess some people don't understand the definition of a dent or ding. Anyway, one rim was scrap, and one was 5/10 at best. But the better rim I did manage to fix somewhat. A second set arrived today, and are still surivor condition, but are straight away a 7/10 and 5/10 (minor ding) before I even start with them. even cheaper than the first set too.

The minor ding came out quite easily with a rag and adjustable spanner to pull out the ding on the rim edge. The plan is to have the rims powder coated white and have the GT hubs laced to them. I'll have the three good rims powdered, so I can have two rear wheels built. One with the GT Coaster hub and the second with a GT Superlace rear hub I picked up recently (Still in the post).

Parts wise, I think I have everything and what's not home, is on its way in the post.

Dia Compe Tech 7s

Oh yes, I am a happy chappy now...

I managed to get a set of Dia Compe Tech 7s that currently in a good survivor condition.

 I'll be stripping and restore these as best I can, in either a black/silver or white silver finish.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

ACS Freecoaster

ACS Freecoaster arrived today, and works perfectly with the GT Coaster hub!

Downside... hub now weighs in at 1.1kg!
Upside... It'll let me get used to riding a coaster again after 20 years!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GT tyres v Haro tyres

Well I originally picked up a set of green skinwall Haro tyres for the build:

But it was bugging me not getting the same tyres as I had originally, but all that's just changed when these landed on my doorstep today:

...cheers Glenn!

Sealed BB for the 401s

Managed to pick up a Tioga BB-220SB Sealed Bottom Bracket Cup Set since the Redline 401s came with a loose ball BB.

Packing up the frame

Geting the frame ready to post to SuperBikeDan. All lagged up and ready for winter posting!

Still to box up but somewhere under that is my GT Performer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dia Compe Nippon (883) Update

Managed to upgrade the spindles today on my Nippons to the "heavy Duty" allen key spindles:

Still contemplating having them powdered white, but without being able to remove the quick releases it could be tricky to do right.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

GT Seat Clamp

Picked up a GT seat clamp a while back. Seemed like somone paint bombed it purple :( and it had a few nicks in it, so the only option was polish it out. Needed to preserve the stamped logos of course. Maybe got a little carried away removing the casting marks underneath, but those always bugged me anyway.

Before pics on the left, after on the right :

Thursday, June 9, 2011

GT Coaster Hub

It wasn't the biggest bargain on the planet... but it was worth it :)