Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A'me Grip Repair/Restoration

In my search for the A'me grips I managed to find a second set, but unfortunately on of the end was damaged through usage.

The rest of the grips were in great condition do I figured I'd have a first try at grip repair. I used a hot knife and soldering iron. Far from perfect but certainly better than before.



This makes three pairs of green bubble font A'me Tri's and interestingly enough is that each pair is different.

This pair actually has A'me twice on the flange, the other two pairs only once. and one grip on the other pair has the A'me so that the Triangle points downward. Must stick some photos up of the differences later on.

More bits for the Haro

Some more bits and pieces for the Haro build arrived over the past week that i haven't got around to putting up.

First up, a nice "pair" of bubble font A'me Tri grips. I write "pair" in quotations as they aren't technically a pair, but two orphan grips I sourced from different people state side.

A gen 1 Odyssey Gyro lower... now if i could also find a matching upper cable I'd have everything I need for the build. But so far no luck sourcing an upper. :(

Next up is a nice hinged DC seat clamp... It's blue, but wanted green, although I'm not even sure if they were available in green. Anyway, not quite sure what to do with it. Keep it blue, have it powdered green of even polish it up. Powdering might be tricky because of the hinge, I'll see what SBD thinks... ;)

A finally for the front brake an 1986 stamped green Dia Compe brake cable. Managed to get a nice deal on four of these. So if until I find a green upper gyro cable, I might just run a normal rear brake line.

"DIA COMPE 861202F", i.e. 2nd December 1986.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Haro Group 1 Cranks

Just received the cranks and pedals for the Haro.... a nice set of Haro Group 1 3pc cranks and a tidy pair of MKS Graphites.

The chrome is OG, that should polish up fairly well. One of the nice surprises with the cranks was that I didn't realise that they were actually one of the 1st generation sets, which is indicated by the smooth weld on the inside seam on crank arms.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

1986 Dia Compe Catalogue

Just uploaded the 1986 Dia Compe Catalogue

Here's some of the more useful pages:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Custom decals

Since I'll be once again be going with a green theme on the bike, I've decided to have a few decals made up in none standard colours. The main decals will be standard, but the fork stander and crank decals will have a touch of green on them instead.

The fork stander decals are red/blue combo, but I'll have a green/blue combo made up on chrome backing.
 The Group 1 crank decals are originally Black/chrome/blue, but I change the blue to green:

Should turn out nice...

Measurement pic for decals:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

1986 Haro Master

Well, it's a tough decision on whether to keep the frame and fork "survivor" or to have them repowdered. The chrome parts are in decent shape so have the painted parts refinished would look nice although losing a heap of character in the process.

New decals, have already arrived in case I have it powdered which are very close to the originals. Just one minor difference on the fork decals, but hardly noticable.

The only decal missing from the new set is the "EX 4130" decal on the lower part of the seat tube. But I think I can get that elsewhere easy enough.

The scheme of this one won't be the traditional Master colours, i.e. white/blue, but will be white/green. Green parts, Haro tyres, A'me grips, Viscount Dominator, Nippon brakes, DC DX seat clamp, Group 1 stem cap, '86 DC brake cables. If I manage to source Odyssey Gyro cables in green then a green gyro too.

Mind you I still have to source alot of bits such as a green Gyro and Viscount Dominator, although I have both those in white in my parts stash. And the white seat would look ok with the chrome seat post. If I run a green seat a white post might look nicer.

Cranks will be Haro Group 1 three piece with power disk and pedals will be MKS graphites.

Wheels will be a bit off, but I'm one of the few that show love for Araya Aeros, so it could be a set on this bike too, although probably silver this time, to look nice with the chrome on the frame. Hubs probably white Superlace.

Time will tell...

Sunday, February 5, 2012