Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Need another Lefty DLR 2000

The frame is sitting in the post office, should pick it up today.

But I really want to go Lefty again with this bike, and since I've already invested in the tools specific for the Lefty DLR 2000 I want to try and find another one, otherwise the headshock will do in the meantime.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1999 F1000 Purpleen CAAD4

Note: To the guys (Jansky, Solo etc) from "forum.mountainbike.be" this note is for you.
To clarify, the Cannondale Killer V was never available with a rear disc brake mount. The only Killer V "style" frame that had disc mounts was the 1999-2000 (maybe some 2001) F series hard tails (F900 and above). However the only the small frame where KillerV "style", which is why I running mine with a long Thompson lay back seat post.

Oh and "Solo" this 1999 F1000 frame is very much the original frame, paint and original decals ;-)

And via google translate since I haven't a clue about Dutch :-)

Opmerking: Om de jongens (Jansky, Solo etc) van "forum.mountainbike.be" Deze nota is voor jou.

Ter verduidelijking, de Cannondale Killer V werd nooit beschikbaar met een achterste schijfrem monteren. De enige Killer V "stijl" frame dat had disc mounts was de 1999-2000 (misschien nog enkele 2001) F-serie harde staarten (F900 en hoger). Maar het alleen de kleine frame waar KillerV "stijl", dat is de reden waarom ik de mijne draait met een lange Thompson lag achterbank post.

Oh en "Solo" dit 1999 F1000 frame is zeer de originele lijst en originele decals ;-)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jekyll on hold... NEW "KillerV"

Shit... I paid way too much, but I COULDN'T pass it up, been looking for one too long to wait for another.

Just bought an absolute mint Cannondale F1000 frame and forks...

o 1999 Cannondale F1000 CAAD4 & HeadShok Fatty SL
o Purple/green flip paint, aka ChromaLusion Purpleen Gloss (CPU)
o It's the Killer V style frame
o Most importantly it's got rear disk mounts

Photos coming soon...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

2000 Cannondale Jekyll

Not exactly the most popular of Cannondale's bikes, but I managed to pick up an unused Jekyll frame and forks for not alot of money. After which it lay in my attic for about 3 years. It came with the incredibly bad bonded aluminium swing arm, which I'd never trust, so I managed to pick up a later welded swing arm off ebaY.

Not going to put much money into this one, hence the old Coda Expert disc brakes and wheel set that also have been gathering dust in the attic too.
Built it up a bit today, including relaced up the front wheel.

So far it's been a pretty smooth build...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crank and brake issues

Having a bit of bother with the rear brake setup. Nothing to do with the Brake Therapy adapter at least, which has been flawless since I installed it.

Two other problems, though...
I noticed, I must have some air bubbles in the rear brake line, it's a bit of a pain, but I've been meaning to shorten the brake line anyway, since it's a little too long. So I'll probably bleed out the brakes over the weekend.

The other issue it the grinding noise common from the rear. I think it's down to the disk alignment. I had to shim out the rear disk from the hub to get it aligned with the brake therapy adapter, and I think it needed another shim as there was some brake rub. Also think the saw style disk makes such a bad noise if not exactly aligned. I swapped to the original Avid 160 rotor for the rear (still a bit of a saw style) and the noise was cured. I'll maybe switch back to the Hope disc once the brake are bled.

The other issue is from the crank I think. Feels like something it either loose in the crank or pedals as I get an occasional "clunk" noise when pedalling. I havent checked the bottom bracket in a while so hopefully it's something simple with that.

Looks like I'll be getting my fingers dirty at the weekend...


Monday, May 3, 2010

Another KillerV

Not only me showing a love for KillerVs. Here's another bike, using exactly the same frame as I started with.
Most interesting is the modified A2Z disc brake adapter modified to suit the KillerV frame.

KillerV Note: text in German (english translation with google)

(Also a very nice SuperV there too)