Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Powder coating

The frame and forks are being powdered this week. Heard back that the Araya Aeros turned out near perfect. That was probably my biggest concern, since one of the rims had a few deep marks.

Hopefully everything should be completed and shipped out this week. First thing after that will be lacing of the rims to the GT hubs. Still need to calculate the spoke length...

Redline 401 sealed

Decided to sell on the Tioga sealed BB and go for these instead.

It's not an original Tecmatic BB, but a reproduction one, but looks alot neater than my original loose ball BB.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well with the bits either ready, or being powdered coated, it's a good time for some vacation!
2 weeks away to max and relax :)

Have a great summer :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Completed Tech 7

Built up and ready for the build. More than happy with the finished result.

More Tech 7


Painted and polished :)

Tech 7

I've continued work on the Dia Compe Tech 7s. Firstly, and most importantly was the painting of the bodies... black. I was tempted to go for a white/silver look, since it's more in keeping with look of the build, but decided to stick with the bitd look even though I've already deviated from the exact spec a little.

Undercoat and the first coat of black is already done, with the levers are currently drying off. Maybe do the second coat tomorrow, since I've feeling somewhat ill the last few days.

Secondly, in my boredom... as is it's better than watching paint dry, I polished up the locking pin spring. They'd tarnished a little and since the rest of the lever was done it would have been a little annoying otherwise. The one on the right is polished up a bit, the left one is untouched.

Cracked bearing cups

Hmmmm, was cleaning up one of the Suzue hubs last nice and was cleanign up the axels since it felt very rough...

Now I see why :(

Now, is it possible to removed/replace the bearing cups? (assuming I can find a replacement/donor)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Packed up and posted!

Just posted all the bits that I want powdered to SBD... aka PWS Finishing Ltd. in England.

Mostly a mix of GT green and white bits.

GT Green
  • GT Performer frame
  • GT Performer forks
  • GT stem
  • GT powerdisk

GT white
  • Sugino sprocket
  • GT seat clamp
  • Dia Compe Nippon brakes
  • GT Epoch dustcover
  • GT frame standers
  • GT fork standers
  • Araya Aero rims

Should look very very different when it all comes home again!