Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Replacing the Superlace cones

One other problem with the front Superlace hub, was that the original cones were cracked and of course without a donor hub it's impossible to get replacements. Thankfully for me, the low flange GT hubs have the same cones. But I difdnv't want to risk cracking those on removal so I figured the safest way to remove then was to cut them out.... how hard could it be???

Well it took a bit of butchering, but they came out in the end, but unfortunately the race hub will no longer race no more... call it a mercy kill.

The next step was to set them into the Superlace hub. I figured the process would be helped if I heated up the hub body and put the cones in the freezer. Simple thermodynamics... hot things expand, cold things shrink... All be it, ever so slightly but enough to get them in properly.

I also figured I could use one of the cracked cones to hammer the replacements in. So I grinded the old cone so that it wouldn't get stuck in the hub.

Then heated up the hub in boiling water and put the cones in iced water.

 Next it was just a case of hammering the new cones in place using the old cone.

Job done, just a grease up and rebuild...

For Sale
Slightly used GT race lace hub. Sold as seen ;-)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Front GT Superlace

Picked up the hub this afternoon and more than happy with the result...

Front GT Superlace

Ohhhh now curiousity is getting to me... got a missed call from the chromers.
Does that mean the front hub is ready???

I hope so, I've only been waiting on it since 20th September, mind you they did promise before Xmas. So hopefully they made it in time. Additionally, if I do get the time I might make up the numbers and add it in to the Bike of the year competition... not like it has a hope in hell, but always fun to show the work that went it to it all.

Moved house

Well it's been a bit quiet around here for the simple reason, I've moved from the apartment to a house.

Big plus is now I actually have space for the bikes, not to mention I can tinker away into the wee hours with the bonus of two insulated and heated garages.

Oh yeah, I guess I'll have to spare sometime for the house renovations too :)